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Are your bikers see-through/squat-proof?

We want you to feel confident in your Lahana which is why our bikers are double-lined and squat-proof tested.


Is your activewear sweatproof?

We like to think so and have had our staff test our theory. No sweat marks here honey. However, it really depends on how hard your workout is and how much you are sweating. Our activewear can't withstand it all but it will do its best.


Do the crops come with padding?

All of our crops come with removable padding. It's your choice bby.


Are your crops supportive?

We design both sporty and leisure crops. You can choose which style is better suited for your needs based on design and strap width. If you require assistance, please email [email protected].


Is your activewear sustainable?

We are continuously on the hunt for the perfect sustainable fabric suited to our activewear. Unfortunately, we do not want to compromise quality, so until we find the perfect fabric we are sticking to what we know works. It is our goal for active to be completely sustainable as soon as we can. We will definitely be updating you when that day comes.


Does the activewear material peel?

Depending on how you wash and wear your activewear, you may occasionally experience some pilling. Avoid sitting on rough surfaces like concrete to avoid unnecessary pilling. We suggest using a de-piller on them to remove the pills. After this, they will be as good as new.

How should I care for my Activewear?

- Do not wear it after applying fake tan to avoid staining and discoloration.

- Avoid using bleach or whitening products when washing.

- Wash your activewear after every use to avoid sweat build-up and stains.

- Wash activewear in a garment bag to protect fabric and branding (using a care bag also helps to reduce the number of microplastics released by the fabric entering our oceans).

Wash using natural detergent by hand or on a gentle cold machine wash.

- Do not tumble dry.

- Flat dry activewear in the shade to avoid fading from excess sun exposure.

- Store your activewear in a cool, dry place to avoid moisture build-up.

Follow these steps to wear your Lahana again and again!

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