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FAQ - Lounge

What material are the tracksuit sets made from?

All our jumpers and tracks are made from 100% cotton baby.


Are there synthetics in the tracksuit sets?

Nah-ah, we use 100% cotton in the manufacturing of these sets. 


Do I need to upsize or are the tracksuit sets already oversized?

They are designed to have a relaxed fit, so we recommend sticking to your normal size. 

How thick is the tracksuit fabric?

Our cotton is 300 GSM, thick the way we like it!!

Are the tracksuit sets soft?

Omg to die for! can confirm, super soft <3

Are there pockets in the tracksuit pants?

Yesss, the trackies have pockets of course!

Are the tracksuit pants high-waisted?

Absolutely, although can be worn on the hips too.

Can I adjust the sizing of the tracksuits?

The band is elastic with an added drawstring for the perfect fit. 

Would you say they are unisex?

We like to think so!

How should I care for my Loungewear?

- Do not wear it after applying fake tan to avoid staining and discoloration.

- Avoid using bleach or whitening products when washing.

- Wash your loungewear after every use to avoid sweat build-up and stains.

Wash using natural detergent by hand or on a gentle cold machine wash.

- Do not tumble dry.

- Flat dry loungewear in the shade to avoid fading from excess sun exposure.

- Store your loungewear in a cool, dry place to avoid moisture build-up.

Follow these steps to wear your Lahana again and again!

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