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Our Story

Our founders and our team

Meet and find out more about our Founders and our beautiful team here at Lahana.

Mission and values

  • Sustainability and Transparency

Lahana has made a conscious change to improve upon our carbon footprint, reduce our environmental impact and transparency throughout the processes, research and development of our products.


  • Empowerment and Integrity

We believe all people should feel empowered in their own skin and we are striving for more realness, more life, more diversity in all its forms throughout our platforms. Representation is essential - curves, stripes, colour, confidence and everything in between.

Do you support any charities?

Global Women's Project

World Vision

Calf Rescue

Silver Tulasi Mala

Unto The Least Of Thy Brethren

Orbit Op Shop

To view more information regarding our Charities that we support please visit our website here:

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